Lord Alexois de Jervaint

Righteous Inquisitor

A voice for those who cannot speak
A terror for those who silence them

Bannerless Knight

Lord Alexois de Jervaint

♗Listen to my voice♞Our heartbeat

About Alexois

I will walk with you

Ishgardian nobleman of House Jervaint

Son of Lord Augustiniel de Jervaint and Lady Marcette de Valtin

Brother of Lady Annette de Jervaint - May she rest in peace

Cousin to Baroness Laurisse de Jervaint

Inquisitor of The Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine

♗ name: Alexois de Jervaint
⚔ age: 36
♞ height: 6'10"
♗ hair: Honey Blonde
⚔ eyes: Cyan
♞ Profession: Head of Security, Apocrypha Auctions & Lord of Ishgard
♗ Nickname: Alex

Lord Alexois de Jervaint

♗cherished souls♞to idolize forevermore

Gabriella Vuivaire

Ruthless veil

My Bliss

Mysterious - Brave - Stubborn

Roman Barlowe

Touch of Death

My Ardor

Cold - Calculating - Loyal

Lord Alexois de Jervaint

♗Unspoken bonds♞May we never part

Camille Everardi

Scholarly Certitude

Curiosity & Integrity

Ser Arlene de Lamoureaux

passionate oathsworn

Determination & Intensity

Ololquo Olquo

Relentless fighter

Enigmatic & Exuberant

Hadrian Lux Ludens

tumultuous phantom

Insanity & Desolation

Enkhjargal Dalamiq

Pensive Fervor

Phlegmatic & Foreboding

Kyle Anderson

Rampant Wrath

Irascibility & Devotion

More Acquaintances

Lord Alexois de Jervaint

♗ For Ishgard ♞For me

Duty Tasked


I am sworn to protect the downtrodden from the vile hands of tyranny - by my sacred oath.

I am committed to bolstering the strength and prosperity of Ishgard and all of her people.

Of the Sky, From the Sky, For the Sky

Lord Alexois de Jervaint

♗ Creativity Abound ♞Passionate hands

Lord Alexois de Jervaint

♗ Sweet Silence ♞Cacophony

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